Productivity and Life Planning Tool.

Capture, plan and balance your life.

DIVAR DIVAR ’s integrated modules offer unique value propositions:

  • Search and Access your information within seconds.

    Personal and Private Searchable Repository. Store your thoughts, ideas, photo’s and more.
  • Unlock the book within. Write your story.

    DIVAR’s guided autobiographies and short story writer-tools help unpack unique your life story that can be easily published into professional looking documents
  • Design focus and clarity in all areas of life.

    Align your personal mission and vision with your life purpose and values and the key areas of your life.
  • Instantly capture precious moments.

    Capture moments with pictures, voice recording, text, and videos, anytime, anyplace. Even our DIVAR mobile app allows precious moments to be instantly captured and sent to DIVAR.
  • Illuminate life-defining patterns.

    Understanding life-defining moments, turning points, and stepping-stones can illuminate old patterns, feelings, and themes that frame and defines. Patterns frame her behaviors that influence how we act, think, and feel; consequently, they influence results. DIVAR can help reinvent you by discovering and reshaping the most influential patterns.
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    Life Integration Tool™

    Life Alignment Tool™
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    Lifeline Plan Tracker™
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    Life Capture Tool™