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Divar™ is an online interactive Life-Journal, Life-Organizer, and Autobiography-Writer, all-in-one. The features of Divar are presented in five-integrated modules: Daily Life-Journal, Illumination, Vision, Achievement, and Revelation.

Dr. Melody designed each of the modules to help you enjoy all the benefits of journaling, while at the same time, capture your journey and tell your story the easiest way---one day at a time.

What people are saying about Divar

"Unleashing the story within has changed my life”Betty
“I spend quality reflection time on both the inner and outer parts of my life”Donna
“I find I make time now to focus on my spiritual and personal growth”Stacy
“I am able to write and stay focused on my personal goals”
“Capturing my child’s journey, has helped me to be a better Mom"Kathy

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Divar provides a safe place to write, edit, and preserve the most precious moments of your life---anytime, anyplace. Start capturing your life story, one day at a time.


  • Write privately and securely
  • Enjoy the liberating and satisfying benefits of journaling
  • Tell your story more powerfully
  • Capture the important details of your life journey

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Accessible wherever and whenever

Access across all computer, mobile devices and tablets.

Apps to capture Precious moments instantly

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Social Media links to FB, Twitter & LinkedIn

Share your story on your favorite social networks.

Storage Space for document and entries

Unlimited, secure space to keep all your entries safe.